Rehabilitation and Therapy Gym

Ditmas Park is renowned for its modern gym outfitted with state-of-the-art therapy equipment and a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals.

Ditmas Park takes long and short-term rehabilitation to new levels and offers post-acute care patients recovering from surgeries and procedures an environment designed to speed their recoveries. The therapy gym features the latest equipment designed to help return patients to their normal routines. Among the equipment our highly trained therapists use with patients is the following:

  • Recumbent Cross-trainers – to work patient legs and build strength and flexibility
  • Upper Body Cycles – to speed the recovery of upper body and arm issues
  • Walking Paths – featuring various flooring surfaces to simulate home environments
  • Fitness Center with Treadmills – to build strength and endurance
  • Curb and Ramp Training Sets – to simulate mobility challenges in everyday life
  • Xbox One and Wii U Stations – to encourage flexibility and build hand/eye coordination

The therapy gym also includes a full-sized kitchen and bedroom to help patients practice and adjust to the daily regimen they will encounter when they return to the physical environment of their home. These rooms hone patients’ skills and readiness, helping them feel confident in their ability to return to daily life and routines prior to leaving the facility.


Our gym facility is an integral part of Ditmas Park. With outstanding and new equipment, our team is able to facilitate the appropriate and necessary physical treatment for our patients. We offer Threadmill, Nu Step recumbent bikes, and arm ergometers, and countless other new, top of the line physical equipment.


Wound Healing & Neuromuscular Facilitation

We are proud to employ the use of Omnistim 500 Pro, a state of the art machine which produces a high voltage pulsed current that is proven effective in facilitating wound healing. We also carry the Omnistim FX2 Pro, which is proven to expedite neuromuscular activity.