Total Body Wellness

In addition to medical care and therapy for healing the body, Ditmas Park is unique in that it embraces a special concept called Total Body Wellness. Unlike other facilities, Ditmas Park, through its vast experience working with patients, understands that the mind and spirit of a patient plays a significant role on the road to recovery. If a patient is depressed or otherwise feeling down, this can affect recovery. For this reason we have created a Ditmas Park University which offers various activities and methods to ensure patients are in a positive state-of-mind and maintain the vitality of spirit, encouraging a true and well-rounded recovery. Ditmas Park is completely dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the people it cares for. Let us care for you today.

At Ditmas Park we believe that growing, learning and expanding the mind is part of the healing process as it helps instill confidence and a positive attitude. That is why we have introduced an innovative new program for our patients called Ditmas Park University.

This exciting program will allow our patients to have a very productive stay as they recover. The university has special classes taking place in our large recreation room. Sessions include:

  • Teaching patients how to effectively use the internet
  • Learning how to take great photos with a mobile device
  • Using Skype to speak on video with family and friends through the internet
  • Learning basic “plating” and food presentation techniques for making food look fabulous
  • Book and movie clubs to discuss stories and movies in a discussion forum
  • Learning how to stream music from the internet